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Here's my "WHY?"

It's simple I love all things beauty! BUT there is something so special about helping someone get ready on their wedding day! The anticipation and celebration of a wedding day is what makes me only specialize in weddings. It's a daunting task to take on the responsibility of beautifying someone on their wedding day but I like a good challenge! 

Being able to enhance the beauty the God has given you, help you feel confident in your skin and making you feel like the most beautiful bride is what I love to do. That is my WHY!

I, too was a bride in 2022 who planned my whole wedding pretty much by myself and know the stress, joy, tired days, and the wait that comes with your wedding day. Rest assured that as you book me just know you have a built in wedding buddy as well. I don't just love wedding makeup and hair. I love all things wedding. 

I would be so honored to meet you and beautify you for your big day!

Love, Cass

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