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About Cass

photo by : Emely Campbell Photography

Here are some quick fun facts about me!

Idaho hair and makeup, bridal hair and makeup
Idaho hair and makeup, bridal hair and makeup

photo by : Comfortable Photography

Ask me about beauty, my beliefs, birth and babies and I can talk for hours! 

  • I'm a Christian

  • I'm a married to the man of my dream

  • I'm a mama to the sweetest baby

  • I birthed with midwives in a birth center (most amazing experience and can't wait to do future ones at home!)

  • Obsessed with plants

  • I have a massive sweet tooth

  • I am gluten free (unfortunately not by choice)

  • I like to say I'm a little country but really I just own cowgirl boot and like rodeos and country music. I hope to have a little farm on a few acres one day!

photo by : Karen Michal Imagery

Idaho hair and makeup, bridal hair and makeup

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

 My answer was "I want to be an artist", then it was “I want to be a stay at home mom.” Growing up, I loved doodling in my journal and “making it pretty”. After I was adopted, I was given a safe place to grow, blossom, and explore things that caught my attention. In high school, I was required to take a year of art to graduate. Shortly after starting class, we were told our main project for the school year was to do a self portrait. I loved this challenge because I was able to focus on the intricate details of my face. From there I found a way of inserting a portrait into every project assigned throughout the rest of my high school art class. 


After high school my parents challenged me to pursue higher education even if it was a trade school. After doing a semester of general education, my parents noticed that I love portrait art and makeup. They encouraged me to consider pursuing a career in the makeup industry. If you haven't guessed it yet, that's what I did! I got licensed as an esthetician and got started on my career, I worked for many large makeup companies, then moved to freelance where I fell in love with weddings and now that's what I specialize in!

What a blessing it is and gift from God to be able to be a stay a home mom 99% of the time! By only being gone from my sweet baby a few days a month allows me to be fully home and raise a family!

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